We execute impactful global fundraising campaigns for global charities, game publishers and developers ... delivering exceptional results.


A passionate group of Gaming and Philanthropic-industry talent with over nine decades of respective market experience have come together to form Xtream Events, LLC. Our focus is to bring global game publishers together with global philanthropies to create unique and effective fundraising solutions that result in impactful change.


We gather leading gaming studios and chartiable communites together to change the world in meaningful ways through play and story-telling.


We are gaming advocates who are passionate about empowering powerful global communities to affect positive change. Leveraging our collective 100 years of experience in games, non-profits, sports and media we apply our proven Promotional Protocol (XP2) to amplify outcomes and simplify the operational burden for all participating partners.


Each campaign is a unique entity that requires special care and attention to detail. In order to maximize engagement it is necessary to portray the charity in the appropriate light, while at the same time ensuring the integrity of the video game play. Our operation works in conjunction with our partners where the majority of workflow is born by us fulfilling a critical operational gap throughout the campaign. Our responsibility is to manage all aspects of the campaign for both publisher and charity and perform a very detailed statement of work with excellence. Our team develops fundraising strategies and executes campaigns using digital means, technologies that run efficiently, successfully build on the existing community in support of the charity.

C.O.W., our Xtream mascot represents the uniqueness of our formula, each charity game event and our guiding corporate goal to Change Our World!


We match Game Companies with internationally recognized Charities. We then work with the Game Company to create the proper tools and experience. On behalf of the Charity we integrate a unique mixture of Sponsors, Digital Broadcast Partners and Influencers. This collaborative gaming event is then presented to the Global Gaming Community. The Charity pays an agreed upon management fee to Xtream Solutions out of the event proceeds. We mitigate risk and ensure a charities peace of mind with a management fee based on the success of the event. No up-front fees. We win when our partners win!

Over $1.6 Million Raised

Our recent success - we teamed up with Bungie and the Destiny 2 community for the “Game2Give” campaign.


  • Children’s Miracle Network (supporting 170 Children’s Hospitals)
  • The Bungie Foundation iPads for Kids Program

  • In-Game Asset: Gilded Exotic Ghost
  • Fundraising Total: $1,607,000
  • Total Donors: Over 40,000
  • Total Individual Campaigns: Over 6,500 Individuals and teams raised funds for campaign
  • Total Countries: Donors from 125 counties.
  • Stand-alone campaign website had 586,000 website views
  • No up-front fees paid by either charity
  • Influencers / Streamers
    • 34 Total Featured Influencers on Twitch and Mixer
    • 136 Hours of Live Streaming
    • 5M+ Total Influencer Audiences
    • Twitch/Mixer Front Page Support


Mike Kinney

Managing Director; Digital Fundraising at CMN Hospitals.

The Xtream Events team brings together unique skillsets from the events, video games and nonprofit industries. Their scope of work is vast as they help design, execute and maximize fundraisers for the next generation of donors. We learned a lot together as we executed a $1.6M+ campaign in three short weeks and are excited to double the impact our partnership has on the kids we serve at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals throughout 2020.

Christine Edwards

Senior Foundation Manager at Bungie

It has been a true pleasure to work with Xtream Events. This past year, we kicked off a massive multi-million dollar fundraising campaign on behalf of our organization and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Our two organizations would not have been able to pull it off without the team at Xtream Events. They helped manage the multi-tude of moving pieces and jumped in to support every aspect of the campaign without hesitation. I was able to rest easy knowing that such a great group of people had my back and were just as committed to reaching our goal as we were.



It’s what makes us so unique … like our Blue C.O.W.!

We are a highly specialized group of exceptionally talented and experienced individuals who are committed to changing the world through play. It’s this special blend of talent and passion that will drive exponential returns while easing the burden on every client and partner.

Don Johnson (DJ)

CEO Xtream Events
20 Years in Professional Sports, President of Garth Brooks TFK Foundation. Managed hundreds of events including NBA and MLB All-Star Games, NBA Marketing Excellence Award Winner. Numerous gaming charity events and streamer charity events.

Joel Hock

CEO Solutions With Impact
Recent awards include: Winner of the Canadian Event Industry’s “Best Fundraising Event in Canada” for Boat Rally for Kids with Cancer in support of the SickKids Foundation – ’19, ‘17, Winner of the Canadian Event Industry’s “Best Fundraising Event in Canada” and “Most Outstanding Event Corporate/ Business/ Association/Non Profit – ’18

Gary Pettit

Chief Creative Officer
35+ years as VP/Visual Design Director with Starwest Productions providing events and services that have helped raise over $150 million for charities around the world.

Kristina Drzaic

Creative Director
A seasoned Writer and Lead Narrative Designer with over 15 years of game development experience on titles including BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite, Halo 5, X-Com, secret projects at Amazon Game Studios, as well as many Indie titles. She is also been a producer for Twitch, where she ran large-scale streaming shows and Game Studio/Twitch partnerships.

Antonio Perez

Partnerships Director
A campaign specialist with almost a decade of experience in event management, fund-raising, and marketing for both charitable causes and startup ventures. Having worked with most of the top charities within the gaming industry, Antonio is able to bring his deep understanding of the gaming community to drive deeper and more meaningful relationships between fans, studios, and charities.

Kathy Pettit

Sponsor/Charity Relations Director
25+ years in philanthropic development implementing appropriate cultivation, solicitation and stewardship activities. Experience in managing corporate constituents, aligning their specific initiatives, projects, programs, campaign and sponsorship goals.

Jake Hurst

Strategy & Communication Director
10+ years experience in technology, digital media/entertainment and nonprofit verticals. Facilitated $10M+ fundraising efforts for nonprofits in development/partnerships roles; awarded Donor Drive’s Peer to Peer Innovation Award. Built influencer program with 200+ content creators at GameChanger Charity.


Brian Hodous

The Chairman of Solutions 2 Go, the world’s largest Interactive Entertainment Master Distributor. He was formerly President of Zott TV and was responsible for all operations including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Corporate Policy. Prior to joining Zott, Mr. Hodous served as the Chief Commercial Officer at Activision Blizzard, Inc., the worlds largest online, personal computer, console, handheld, and mobile game publisher from July 2006 until April 2017. While at Activision Blizzard he was responsible for leading their Global Sales, Operations, Supply Chain, Distribution and Manufacturing in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, developing new business opportunities worldwide. Before his time with Activision Blizzard he held senior management positions with Cadbury Schwepps, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Pillsbury, and GlaxoSmithKline.

Jonathan Shipman

Developed a reputation as an Executive leader focused on execution through building culture, people, & operations. Investor, advisor, & board member. He has served in senior leadership roles with numerous Top 100 companies including YouTube, Ebay and Amazon/Twitch. Mr. Shipman served as Senior Network Engineer at Ebay. He served as YouTube Network Architect and as their Google Peering Coordinator. He later joined Justin.tv where he directed global infrastructure, connection strategy, content strategy planning and ROI. After being acquired by Amazon, which included a name change to Twitch, Mr. Shipman assumed the role of EVP Broadcaster Success and Founding Member. Most recently he has served as CTO for ZOTT and has recently accepted a senior leadership role at Lantronix, based in Irvine, CA.

Larry Plotnick

An impactful business executive with a track record of building businesses on a solid financial foundation. Skilled at establishing customer focused organizations and translating conceptual models into specific growth strategies designed to improve market share, gross revenue and ROI. Nineteen years in the video games space, running a diverse base of functions including Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Merchandising, Marketing, Business development and Software Development. Has been successful at building high-performance teams and leading retail, service and product teams with P&L responsibility up to $2.0 billion annually. A focused business analyst that breaks large issues down to executable operational plans.
Our commitment is to drive extraordinary return to our gaming and global charitable partners who share our conviction that game communities and play can make our world a better place for all.